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Dental clinic A-dent, Pula


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About us

With knowledge, quality and experience we build a smile and confidence.

Modern technologies and materials, new knowledge and top experts is what A-Dent Dental centre is proud of. Our comprehensive dental service puts the patient in the first place because the patient is the mirror of the doctors and the team that take care about him. Together, we build your smile and confidence.

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Dental clinic A-dent, Pula


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Dental clinic A-dent, Pula

Restorative dentistry and endodontics

The basis of dental medicine is to compensate for the hard dental tissues damaged by caries, trauma or aggressive brushing.

Dental clinic A-dent, Pula


A branch of dental medicine concerned with replace missing teeth and restoring aesthetics and function of existing ones.

Dental clinic A-dent, Pula

Oral surgery

The branch of dentistry that includes various surgical procedures in the mouth cavity. The interventions are painless and carried out under local anaesthesia.

Dental clinic A-dent, Pula

Dental hygiene at the earliest age

The awareness of maintaining good oral hygiene children acquire from infancy.

Dental clinic A-dent, Pula

Teeth whitening

A shining smile and healthy and well-kept teeth are a decoration on our faces. The special beauty of the teeth is their whiteness.

Dental clinic A-dent, Pula


Orthodontics as a specialist branch of dental medicine provides you with a wonderful smile and your teeth in perfect function.