Non-prep flakes - flakes without preparation

Ceramic flakes are extremely thin ceramic facets which are cemented on the front surface of the teeth. They represent the pinnacle of cosmetic dentistry to achieve beautiful and well-formed teeth.

The basic idea of therapy with flakes is to get the maximum aesthetic result with minimal interventions on the teeth. By applying flakes, we can correct the irregular position of the teeth, change the tooth color, reduce the gap between the teeth, repair chipped teeth. They are usually placed on the front teeth or those that are visible when we smile. It is necessary that the teeth are preserved and healthy, without large composite fillings.

With the development of technology and the improvement of the characteristics of ceramics used in the dental prosthetics, the technology of flakes without preparation or the so-called Non-prep flakes appeared. When using such flakes, the teeth are not grinded which means that there is no pain and therefore no need for anaesthesia.

Since all the teeth are not equally suitable for placing such flakes, it is very important to set a proper indication. If the teeth which are intended to be covered with flakes are short, thin, worn and if the bite allows their extension, Non-prep flakes are one of the best choices.

Since there is no need for grinding, the work begins by taking the dental imprint. After that, the test flakes are made to show the desired outcome of the situation and the patient is able to gain an idea of his future appearance. The design itself is very fast. Only two visits to the dentist are needed until the completion of the work, one for the dental imprint and the other for cementing.

To preserve the durability of flakes, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene, have regular check-ups and if there are any, to suppress harmful habits like biting your nails or tearing off various items with teeth. With the proper maintenance, the flakes can be a long-lasting solution for achieving a beautiful and glamorous smile.

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