All-on-4 is a procedure of making a fixed bridge o 4 implants in an edentulous jaw. It is a perfect solution for patients with a large deficiency of jaw volume who are not willing to wear a dental prosthesis.

Fixed work is obtained by implanting 4 implants. The two central implants are placed axially and the two rear at an angle of 35 ". The work is anchored on implants with screws and thus represents a fixed bridge. After the implant installation, a temporary bridge is immediately obtained so that the patient is not edentulous during the period of the fusion of the implants with the bone. After 3-4 month, the final work is made.

The system significantly shortens the duration of the usual treatment and possible bone tissue augmentation for which it is necessary to allocate time and money. It is a perfect solution for patients who wear full dentures for many years and whose bone base has been reduced over the years, especially in the lateral region of the jaw.

All-on-4 is a modern concept of a bridge which is anchored with screws in an edentulous jaw and represents a fixed word.  It involves tooth extraction, implantation and bridge installation in just 24 hours.

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