Oral surgery

The branch of dentistry that includes various surgical procedures in the mouth cavity. The interventions are painless and carried out under local anaesthesia.

Tooth extraction

A very damaged tooth which can no longer be saved and repaired must be removed because, besides potential pain, it is a threat to the entire organism because of the spread of microorganisms. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The method of extraction and duration depend on a particular case but usually does not last long.


Surgical removal of impacted and retained wisdom teeth which are prevented to fully erupt which often leads to pain and swelling. In this case, alveolectomy is indicated, a procedure to also remove a part of the surrounding bone around the tooth in order to allow eruption.


The surgical procedure to remove the top of the tooth root as well as the surrounding inflammatory tissue (granulomas, cysts). In this way, the teeth where the endodontic procedure has failed to cure the pathological process are saved from extraction.

Sinus augmentation (sinus lift)

There are situations in the upper jaw when due to a too low placed maxillary sinus, implant placement is not possible. In this case, a surgical procedure is performed with the aim of elevating the sinus floor in order to achieve implant insertion conditions. Sometimes, it is possible to make a sinus lift and the implant insertion at the same time, while in more severe cases the installation is delayed, because, besides the sinus augmentation, a bone reconstruction is necessary.

Bone augmentation

Sometimes, in patients with a long period since tooth extraction, it often comes to bone resorption which prevents the implant installation. In this case, the augmentation or bone reconstruction is s carried out by using the artificial bone. The procedure can be done in both jaws. Depending on the case, it is possible to perform the augmentation and implant insertion in the same procedure or the to do the augmentation first and to postpone the implantation.

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